cena stellata in cantina

Proud to participate as technical sponsor in the event on the eve of San Lorenzo “Durello sotto le stelle”.

Saturday 9 August gourmet appointment at the “Gianni Tessari” cellar in Roncà with the starred chef of Degusto Matteo Grandi.

The protagonists of the event are Durello wine and the “street food” proposals of the young Veronese chef, who for the occasion will prepare artisan bread with our flours in our laboratory in Arcole.

Our desire to restart the territory lights up like the night of San Lorenzo! For more information and to book your participation, call 045-74600700 or write to officine@giannitessari.wine.

A research team: Italian Army relay in support of the Città della Speranza Foundation of Padua. We too have answered the call!

We are proud to promote the splendid initiative of the Padua Onlus which will take place on Saturday 26 September 2020 in many Italian cities.

This pandemic has highlighted three essential concepts: the importance of being an active part in the community, the pervasive force of solidarity and the need to face challenges with responsibility and civic sense.

The charity-sporting event A team for research will be held simultaneously in 18 cities, from north to south of Italy, to ideally embrace all children struggling with serious pathologies: Avellino, Bari, Bologna, Bolzano, Bracciano, Cagliari, Civitavecchia, Florence, Mantua, Milan, Piacenza, Palermo, Sabaudia, Rome, Treviso, Turin, Verona and Vicenza.

In each city, around specific ring routes, the members of one or more Army teams will alternate in the race (a total of about 350 people). The initiative will start at 8 am and will end at 8 pm and, in this time frame, each athlete will run for an exact hour. The sum of the kilometers traveled by all participants will be converted into a donation for Città della Speranza, thanks to the contribution of some supporters.

Some well-known sports champions and celebrities also married the initiative: the swimmer Massimiliano Rosolino, the marathon runner Gianni Poli, the middle distance record holder Gennaro Di Napoli, the showgirl and presenter Marina Graziani, the actor and TV presenter Dino Lanaro, the singer and musician Red Canzian.


More info: https://cittadellasperanza.org/


Training in the mill, we are ready to restart with courses dedicated to professional bakers.

pani fermentati e pani di grossa pezzatura


The first date is Wednesday 14 October at 3.00 pm at Cereal Lab, the training room inside the mill, in via Padovana 123 Arcole (Vr).

The theme of the afternoon is large-sized breads and fermented breads, which will be made with our two blends based on toasted corn germ from the Anima di Grano line:

the Ryecorn blend (type “1” soft wheat flour, rye flour and toasted corn germ)

and Zea (type “1” soft wheat flour, sourdough and toasted corn germ).

Professor of the course the technologist and master of white art  Pier Angelo Della Bona,

international expert in doughs and leavened products, who will lead participants to discover the potential of these two new blends applied to special large-sized breads and breads made with ferment, a new frontier in the sector.

The second date will be Sunday 18 October at 9.00, at the laboratory of the technologist Fabrizio Fiorentini of the Panificio S. Agnese and Acqua e Farina, in viale Maestri del Lavoro 7, Rieti.

This last event, organized together with the Bakers Association of Rome and its province, will be an excursus on four types of different products:

pizza shovel with chariot;

slipper with chariot;

artisan baguette without mold;

pan soft and suitable for long storage.

Also in this case the master and trainer Fabrizio Fiorentini will use the flours and blends of our mill: Zea e Ryecorn, Anima 3Colori 100% grano italiano e Betaglù,

the innovative blend with beta-glucans, ideal for cholesterol control.

For more information on our courses send an e-mail to info@cereal-lab.it, the mailbox of our training center.