Nel percorso evolutivo dell’Uomo tutto cambia continuamente, ma ancora oggi non è possibile rinunciare a tre invenzioni fondamentali: il fuoco per cucinare gli alimenti, la macina per trasformarli, la ruota per trasportarli e commerciarli.



During the lower Paleolithic Age, homo erectus discovered a natural element essential for the evolutionary process.



In the Neolithic Age, man learnt how to grow cereals and mill them using a smooth stone as a base (the millstone) and a rough stone to grind them (grinder).



The tool that revolutionises transport was invented by the Sumerians in 3500 B.C.

These three inventions are linked with a contemporary production reality with historic and even prehistoric roots. This production reality is the mill. To call it merely a “company” would be rather limitative: milling art, today as in the past, is an integral part of society and culture. In many cases, the flour mill even stood for the soul of a community.

Every homeland has its history, traditions and customs.
Its own cuisine. Its own bread. Water and flour. Its own mill.

The Polesine area is an agricultural zone in the plains between Italy’s two longest rivers: the Po and the Adige. A land of mills, given its configuration and nature. Our mill is one of these: it was founded in Lendinara in 1800, expanded a little at a time and always made good bread.

Macinazione Lendinara is a brand currently owned by the Cavallari family and is well-known and highly-regarded by professionals and food sector companies for the quality of its flour and its skill in responding to customers in a flexible, detailed and personalised manner. The company’s original head offices still stand proudly in the home town, while the new production plant built in the 2003 is located in Arcole (Verona). This is a cutting-edge facility capable of producing 450 tonnes of flour per day for a market of professionals and major food industry companies.

The mill yesterday

The original mill was founded in Lendinara in the XIX century and was purchased by Francesco Cavallari and his brothers in 1937. A strong entrepreneurial vocation saw the family come to manage eight mills located throughout the surrounding area: Lendinara was joined by plant in Rovigo, Papozze, Adria, Ferrara, Ravenna, Ceneselli and Bologna. The Cavallari family became leaders in the flour milling sector in North East Italy and achieved impressive reputation for excellence throughout the country.

The mill today

The story of each mill grows together with its local people: the eight plants owned by the family were later divided among the various heirs, while the original facility in Lendinara achieved its maximum production capacity The Cavallari family, under the initial leadership of Antonio, followed by Valentino and Pier Massimo, found exactly the right solution to meet the growing demands of the market. In 2003, the company inaugurated its new production facility in Arcole, a cutting-edge structure boasting a rational design to meet the needs not only the professional market but also the food industry, with two bulk flour loading tunnels for tanker trucks.

Mill numbers

Production plant: 44.500 square meters Production capacity: 450 tonnes per day Storage capacity: 30.000 tonnes

Company Vision

Quality, flexibility and convenience at the service of the bakery and confectionery sector

Our Mill expanded by responding to the needs of client companies and developing its technology and production capacity on in relation to demand from the agro-food sector, specifically the bakery and confectionery sector.

In 80 years of operations, we have been partners of the leading Italian companies in this sector thanks to our product excellence, quality:price ratio and plant capable of meeting all kinds of requirement quickly, flexibly and perfectly in line with the needs of clients.