In this video-recipe our master Carmelo Loiacono will explain the technique to obtain a perfectly balanced pastry with Macinazione Lendinara Anima di Pasticceria ground flour. Together with him we will see how to calculate the percentages of ingredients according to our preference for a more or less buttery pastry. In the recipe Carmelo shows us how to make a “sandblasted” shortcrust pastry: if you don’t have a mixer, you can also use a simple whisk. If you do not have a whisk, the classic technique is recommended, which is best suited to manual mixing. In the classic method you start by mixing butter, sugar and eggs, while the flour is added in the second step. For the “sandblasted” method (also called inverse), we start with flour and butter beaten together with the leaf of the mixer or with the whisk, and then proceed with the rest of the ingredients.


500 g Anima di Pastry flour
250 g butter (cut into small pieces, at room temperature)
250 g sugar
100 g eggs

Adjust for the balance of the pastry.

All the ingredients are calculated on the quantity of flour.
Made 100 the value of the flour we will have:
Butter 50 (half the flour)
Sugar 50 (half the flour)
Eggs: 20 – Value obtained from the sum of the 3 ingredients above divided by 10 [(100 + 50 + 50) / 10 = 20]
To add or remove more butter to the shortcrust pastry you have to follow the following proportion: 10 grams of egg every 25 grams of butter.
Explained in very simple words: If you want to add 25 grams of butter you have to remove 10 grams of egg. Of course, the opposite is true: to remove 25 grams of butter, you need to add 10 grams of egg.

Good dough everyone, keep following us!