Our master of white art Carmelo Loiacono explains the procedure for a perfect focaccia alla Genovese, crunchy on the outside, very soft on the inside, with the characteristic irregular white holes.

Very short rising times! For the dough technique, see our video tutorial on pizza!

IMPORTANT: the Genoese focaccia described here is a “direct” dough, it does not require the rising times of the pizza in the pan.

Ingredients to obtain 1 kg of dough:
610 grams of flour from the “Anima di pizza” line for “Pizza and bread”
340 grams of water
13 grams of fresh yeast
15 grams of salt
25 grams of extra virgin olive oil

For the dressing:
Brine: 100 grams of water + 10 grams of fine salt
100 grams of extra virgin olive oil