Farina Anima di Pane W400

You who make bread every day maybe you didn’t know that:

The first bread dates back to 30 thousand ago, in Tuscany, made with a cattail root flour, a marsh reed.

Between 10,000 and 8,000 BC our ancestors began to grow cereals such as wheat, rye and spelled.

The Egyptians first discovered the fermentation process.

In Italy there are more than 300 varieties of bread.

Our line Anima di Pane

Our origins since 1937

We love bread the old way, made with wisdom and patience. To make a good bread you need first of all a good flour and to make a good flour you need a good grain together with a mill capable of working it. Since 1937 our company has been doing its utmost to obtain the best soul from wheat and give you the flour that you will expertly transform into bread.