Farina Anima di Grano type 1, type 2 and integral


Our eating habits are going back to basics, when tastes were more rustic and richer in fiber. Our Anima di Grano offers a complete range of products, choose how you want to enrich your dough!

  • Type “1” W 350
  • Type "1" W 460
  • Type “2”
  • Whole wheat
  • Whole wheat W 400

Our line Anima di Grano

Password: add fiber to our diet!

Fibers are a real panacea for our well-being, they help us to control weight, slow down the absorption of food, give a sense of satiety, help keep glycemic and cholesterol levels in the blood balanced. If we then add that flours rich in fibers are extremely versatile and tasty, the game is done! Anima di grano is our line of special products, always in evolution.