Anima di Pizza Farina Delicata

Choose which pizza you want, we will give you the right flour to make it!

Six different references to find the right balance between tradition, taste and creativity. Pizza is part of our history but it is also one of the food pillars of our present: tradition is therefore accompanied by experimentation, contamination or the recovery of some techniques lost over the years.

Our line Anima di Pizza

We put our heart and soul into our flours!

What’s more Italian and better than pizza? Pizza is the best known Italian dish in the world, so loved that Neapolitan pizza makers have been declared a World Heritage Site. But pizza is not only Neapolitan, because our creativity has managed to invent dozens of variations, all wonderful, all to try.

“A complete range of flours is like an artist’s color palette: that’s where masterpieces start!”