Have you ever seen how an artisanal panettone is born?

In our Cereal Lab training room we did the test and the results were nothing short of exciting!

come fare il panettone artigianale

The pre-dough that rises slowly for at least twelve hours, the amazement after the night of leavening, the second dough phase and then the leavening again, the slow rest on the table, the overturns of the “pirlare” phase and finally the goal , the paper cups, where the last leavening phase takes place.

Finally, a light hand for the scarping with the scented butter and the longed-for reaching the oven from which, after about fifty minutes, we took out many small masterpieces.

For this magic you need many ingredients, all of top quality:

• Our flour of the line Anima di Pasticceria “Gran Riserva delle Feste”

• A technologist with golden hands, Pierangelo Della Bona

• An excellent instrumentation like that provided by our technical sponsors: the rotary kiln of Real Forni, the mixer Escher Mixers and the leavening compartment Pabatech.

An extraordinary host like Fabio Guzzano, who gave us this wonderful video and a review with laurels! If you want to read Fabio’s story about his two days experience with us click here

Here is the video that tells of our two days dedicated to panettone and … don’t be surprised if there are also images of pizza and bread: making panettone requires long waiting times, but we still found a way to use the time !