The Soul of Bread – This is our historic product line, where everything all began. This line is dedicated to bakery professionals and offers a complete range of specific flours for every traditional recipe and for every requirement as regards dough, leavening and baking.

The Soul of Pizza – Our line of flours dedicated to the par excellence Made in Italy dish. Fragrant or crisp, thick or thin, rustic or delicate, Roman or Neapolitan, Anima di Pizza comprises 5 types of flour which are coming to the fore for wood-fired ovens.

The Soul of Pasta – This line is dedicated to one of Italy’s emblematic products – fresh pasta … and much more. This specific line comprises ideal solutions for all the main requirements of pasta-makers and delicatessens.

The Soul of Confectionery – Our line dedicated to master confectioners. And whether this soul means shortbread, puff pastry or sponge – we have solutions for every need!