Anima di Pasta Flour Tradizionale

Our three flours for fresh pasta meet the needs of restaurateurs, delicatessens, pasta factories and laboratories in the preparation of different types of recipes, including those of a purely regional nature. A preparation for gnocchi based on potato flakes is also added to the three mixtures, which allows to prepare a finished product of the highest quality.

Ideal for

Fresh egg pasta and gnocchi

Our line Anima di Pasta

Once upon a time there was grandma’s pastry

The taste of memories. Fresh pasta is as genuine as the poem recited by a child standing on a chair on Christmas Eve. When we eat a plate of tagliatelle or tortellini, we expect the same intensity of taste and emotions: it is a family tradition, a special occasion, a gesture of love. We created the Anima di Pasta line precisely on the thrust of the memory of happy times, those of childhood, when grandparents welcomed you into their home with a hug and a steaming dish.