Anima di Pasticceria Farina per Sfoglia

“The dessert assigns the guarantee seal to the entire menu, it must never fail, it must never betray. Like its flour.”

Ideal for

Croissants and cannoli

Our line Anima di Pasticceria

our flour at the service of pastry chefs

Our line of flour for pastry has seven different references, specifically balanced for different uses, all of excellent quality to ensure maximum performance in support of the creativity of the maître pâtissier. Most of the pastry is built on basic doughs that must be impeccable, because they are the foundations of the masterpiece: from the impalpable and crumbly millefeuille that preserves and enhances the cream, to the soft and airy sponge cake, easy to cut, up to the leavened that rises lightly with its treasures and fillings. Dessert is typically eaten at the end of a meal: for this reason its quality must be very high, because it is almost always eaten without appetite but with many expectations.